The most convenient accessories for your bicycle child seat

If you want to make the most out of your bicycle child seat, then Qibbel accessories are essential. All our accessories seamlessly fit our bicycle child seats, whether you have a front seat, a rear seat, or a 6+ Junior bicycle child seat. Convenient, user-friendly, and top-quality; that's what Qibbel accessories are all about.

Convenient accessories

We've developed beautiful and convenient accessories for both the Qibbel Air front seat, the Qibbel Air rear seat, and the Qibbel 6+ Junior bicycle child seat.


Riding through the countryside with the wind in your hair is a wonderful feeling, but with Dutch weather, that pleasant summer breeze can quickly turn into a strong headwind. To protect your child from this Dutch wind, we've developed the Qibbel Air windscreen. This sturdy windscreen can handle a beating and ensures your child sits comfortably on the bicycle in all weather conditions.

Steering tube attachment

Want to use your front seat on multiple bikes? Install the Qibbel Air steering tube attachment on all bikes. This way, you can easily transfer the front seat from mom's bike to grandpa's bike without having to buy multiple bicycle child seats. The handlebar mount is suitable for a standard handlebar stem and an ahead stem with a diameter of 22 to 36 millimeters.


Do you want to prevent your bicycle child seat from being stolen while you're running errands or enjoying a meal at a cozy café? Then the Qibbel Air lock is an essential accessory. With this small and handy lock, you can secure both your front and rear seats to your bike.

Frame attachment

Want to use your Qibbel Air rear seat on a bike without a luggage carrier? You can! With the frame attachment, you can easily attach our rear seat to a bike without a luggage carrier. You can buy the rear seat with the frame attachment included, or you can purchase the frame attachment as a separate accessory. The frame attachment is suitable for round and oval frames with a diameter of 28 to 40 millimeters.


Is your child ready for the 6+ Junior bicycle child seat? Then foldable footrests are essential. These come standard with the seat, but you can also purchase them separately. If you want to use the bicycle child seat on multiple bikes, for example, on dad's and grandma's bikes, it's convenient to have footrests installed on both bikes.

The footrests provide added comfort and safety for your child. They have an anti-slip profile to prevent feet from slipping off easily. It's important to remind your child that their feet are close to the rotating wheel and that misuse could result in their feet getting caught in the spokes. If there's no one riding on the bike seat, you can simply fold the footrests in. The footrests are suitable for mounting on tubes with a diameter of 12 to 27 millimeters.

Fun Accessory: The Toybar

To make your bike adventures even more enjoyable, we've developed the Qibbel Toybar. This play handlebar features a horn and animal navigation. The toybar is available in green, gray, and a special Miffy edition. You can easily attach the toybar to the windscreen bracket.

You can purchase the accessories for your Qibbel bicycle child seat at your local bicycle store.