Qibbel bike seats from the Netherlands

As a parent, you look forward to cycling with your child. Your first bike rides with your baby are unforgettable. And even later on, it’s lovely to be able to go cycling together. To cycle safely with your child, you need a strong, light and comfortable bike seat. Over the years, our Qibbel bike seats have provided  a carefree cycling experience to over 100,000 families.

Qibbel is part of Widek B.V. in the Netherlands. Widek is a family business founded in 1936 as a metal ware factory. Fairly soon after, the first bicycle components rolled off the production line. Since then, we have been producing bicycle bells, carrier straps, handlebar grips, Qibbel bike seats and other cycling accessories. 

Dutch quality

Qibbel bike seats are manufactured in our factory in Krimpen aan den IJssel, just like 99% of our other products. The design and production of our child seats is fully realized in the Netherland. Because we keep production in-house, the seats make relatively few transport kilometres before they reach the store. The in-house production is not only a sustainable advantages, but it also allows us to monitor the quality ourselves. We think it is important that our bicycle seats fit your needs and wishes. That is why we keep improving the Qibbel bicycle seats.

The benefits of a Qibbel bike seat

Qibbel bike seats are a good choice if you are looking for a strong, safe and modern seat. They are lightweight, easy to mount and to adjust yourself and compliant with EU safety standards. These durable bike seats will put smiles on your whole family's faces for years to come.

Do you already know whether you want a Qibbel front or rear seat? What you go for depends on your needs and on your bike. Get some good advice from your local bike shop. Our dealers will be happy to help you choose a Qibbel bike seat that suits you and your bike perfectly.