Does the Qibbel bike seat fit on an electric bike?

Electric bikes are now an integral part of traffic. More and more people are using electric bikes for commuting instead of a car or public transport, or simply to enjoy long bike rides. While years ago we mostly saw older people on electric bikes, they are now popular among people of all ages, including parents of young children. That's why at Qibbel, we're increasingly asked whether our child seat fits on an electric bike.

The Qibbel Air bike seat and the electric bike

More and more electric bikes have the battery attached to or integrated into the bike frame. On 99% of these electric bikes, the Qibbel Air rear seat and the Qibbel 6+ Junior can be installed without any issues. Of course, it's important that the luggage rack can support at least 27 kg (37 kg for the 6+ Junior) and that the luggage rack is between 11 and 17 cm wide with a tube diameter between 10 and 22 mm.

Electric bike with the battery under the luggage rack

Does your electric bike have the battery under the luggage rack? In most cases, the Qibbel seat fits well on the luggage rack. Sometimes, mounting a bike seat can be a problem, but fortunately, it can usually be solved without having to buy a new bike.

If your luggage rack can support at least 27 kg, you can mount the bike seat using what's called an attachment carrier. This is a frame that you mount on your luggage rack, onto which you then mount your bike seat. The Universal attachment carrier specially designed for e-bikes by Steco is a good example. This attachment carrier is specifically designed to be mounted on a luggage rack with a battery underneath and ensures that your bike seat can be securely mounted on the luggage rack.

You mount the Qibbel Air rear seat on the attachment carrier according to the instructions for mounting on a normal luggage rack.

Safety on the electric bike

Are you and your child going on a bike adventure with the electric bike? Then pay close attention to your safety. An electric bike often goes faster than your fellow road users might think. A driver may think they still have plenty of time to turn, but before they know it, you're beside the car. So, don't ride too fast and pay extra attention to the traffic around you.

Uncertain? Seek advice!

Are you unsure whether your bike is suitable for use with a Qibbel Air bike seat? Then seek advice from the bike shop near you. The staff there can tell you exactly what the options are with your electric bike.