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Qibbel Air rear seat carrier attachment

Qibbel Air rear seat MIK HD attachment

Qibbel Air rear seat frame attachment

Frequently Asked Questions

Safety is, was and always will be our number one priority. Our Qibbel Air bike seats all comply with strict EU safety standards. The Qibbel front seat (max. 15kg) and rear seat (max. 22kg) comply with the safety standard EN 14344. In addition, the rear seat was also awarded extra TÜV certification in Germany. For the Qibbel 6+ Junior seat (max. 35kg) this legislation does not apply. The sturdy seat, the footrests and the seat belt guarantee worry-free cycling with your child.

Many different types of bicycle are available. Would you like tailor-made advice? If so, we recommend contacting a Qibbel dealer who will help you make the right choice and ensure safe installation. Enter your postcode or town to find a Qibbel sales outlet near you.

To ensure safe installation, your luggage carrier must be capable of bearing a weight of at least 25kg. The Qibbel Air rear seat support attachment is suitable for luggage carriers between 11 and 17cm wide with a tube diameter of between 10 and 22mm. If your luggage carrier does not meet these size requirements, then a universal luggage carrier could provide a solution. Click here to view possible Steco solutions: Universal Luggage Carrier for E-bike or Universal Luggage Carrier.

IMPORTANT! With some bicycles, the Qibbel Air seats are difficult to mount and an add-on carrier or frame mounting bracket is required. For tailored advice, please reach out to your nearest Qibbel dealer.

Front seat from € 87.95
Rear seat from € 109.95
6+ Junior seat from € 79.95
Look here for a complete overview. 

The Qibbel product range is available from most specialist cycle shops. To find your nearest Qibbel dealer, go to the dealer page. Would you like to buy a Qibbel bike seat online? If so, you can do this via Bol.com or Hollandbikeshop.nl, among other websites.

Absolutely. The Qibbel Air bike seat complies with the EN 14344 European safety standard. The material is breathable, easy to clean and extremely strong. How do we know this? Because we extensively test it ourselves, of course! We've also been selling these seats for more than five years without any problems at all.

Mesh is a light, 3d-woven material that is often used in office chairs, recumbent bicycles and rucksacks. The material is very breathable and easy to clean. It is also flexible and can stand up to rough treatment.

In the Qibbel Air, we use mesh in the back support because it is comfortable, doesn’t heat up in the sun, dries quickly and is lightweight.

A sharp object might cause a tear, but the material does not fray, so it won’t tear any further.

We no longer produce Qibbel seats with styling sets. Are you looking for assembly instructions? You can find them here.