Your child sits comfortably protected from the wind in a bike seat with windscreen

When embarking on bike adventures, you must be prepared for all kinds of weather. In our climate, a rain shower is never far away, and the wind frequently makes itself known. Even on a sunny summer day, there can be a brisk breeze. If your child is in a front bike seat, they catch all the wind, making the bike ride less enjoyable. The sturdy windscreen from Qibbel ensures that your child always sits comfortably protected from the wind, no matter how strong the wind blows.

The Qibbel windscreen

Qibbel windscreens are made in the Netherlands and designed and tested by people who cycle in the Netherlands every day. As a result, we know exactly what a windscreen needs to withstand truly Dutch weather. The Qibbel windscreen is made for genuine Dutch weather. Whether there's a gentle summer breeze or a strong autumn wind, your child always sits comfortably protected from the wind.

Fun on the go with the toy bar

With the toy bar, your bike ride becomes even more enjoyable! On this fun handlebar, your child will find a genuine animal navigation system and a horn. The toy bar is easy to mount on the windscreen bracket.

Bike seat and windscreen: Installed in a snap

The Qibbel front seat and windscreen are easy and quick to install. Start by securing the handlebar attachment provided with the bike seat. The bottom of the handlebar attachment should rest on the handlebar crown. Tighten the screws securely. Remove the locking pin from the clamp, click the seat into the handlebar attachment, and secure it with the locking pin. Next, screw the windscreen bracket to the windscreen. Click this into the handlebar attachment as well. Do you also have a toy bar? Screw this onto the windscreen before clicking it into the handlebar attachment.

In the video below, we'll show you step by step how to attach the bike seat with windscreen.