When is it time for a new bicycle child seat?

Children grow so quickly. Before you know it, they've outgrown their first clothes, you need larger diapers, and those cute baby shoes no longer fit. As they get older, they quickly need a bigger bed, the infant car seat is replaced by a child seat, and they take their first steps. When babies are about 9 months old, in our opinion, the most exciting development occurs: your little one can sit independently! Why do we at Qibbel find this such a memorable moment? Because it's also when your child can sit independently in a bicycle child seat.

On a Bike Adventure

Once your child can sit in a bicycle child seat from around 9 months old, the bike adventures can begin! In the beginning, you might not go on long rides, but even for short trips, it's important that your child sits in a comfortable and safe bicycle child seat. And for mom and dad, it's nice if the child seat is as lightweight as possible. At Qibbel, we've thought of everything. Our bicycle child seats are comfortable, safe, lightweight, and easy to install.

Qibbel Air Bicycle Child Seats

You don't have to worry about rapidly growing children with Qibbel bicycle child seats. Our seats are designed to grow with your child for several years.

Qibbel Air Front Child Seat

Most children start with a front child seat. When your child sits in the front, you can keep a better eye on them than when they're in the back. It's also more fun for your child to sit in the front because they can see better. The front child seat can be equipped with a windscreen and our toy bar with a horn and animal navigation. This makes cycling even more enjoyable! The front child seat is suitable for children from 9 months to 3 years (up to a maximum of 15 kilograms).

Qibbel Air Rear Child Seat

A question we often hear at Qibbel is: from what age can my child ride on the back of the bike? In principle, a child can ride on the back of the bike from 9 months old, provided the bicycle child seat is suitable for children of that age. Generally, we see that children start riding on the back of the bike around the age of 2. The moment when children transition from the front of the bike to the back is not tied to a specific age. Often, children move to the back when a younger sibling takes their place in the front. From the age of 3, the Qibbel front child seat is no longer suitable, so your child will definitely move to the back of the bike. They can then ride in the rear child seat until they are about 6 years old (or a maximum of 22 kilograms).

Qibbel Junior Seat

When your child has outgrown the rear child seat, it's time to switch to the Qibbel 6+ Junior seat. Even though your child can already ride a bike at this age, it's always handy to have a safe and comfortable spot with mom or dad on the back. Our junior seat is sturdy, has a safety belt, and foldable footrests. The seat is suitable for children up to 35 kilograms. Always check with the bike shop to see if your luggage rack can also support this weight.