The safety of our bicycle child seats

When you buy a bicycle child seat, you want to be sure that your child is safe. Your child should be able to sit securely and comfortably, their feet should be well protected against contact with the spokes, and the belt should not come loose easily. The safety of our bicycle child seats is therefore our number one priority.

European safety standards

Strict European safety standards apply to bicycle child seats. The European Safety Standard EN14344:2022 determines the requirements for bicycle child seats. But what exactly does such a safety standard entail? Including the following points:

● To prevent children's feet from getting caught in the spokes, a bicycle child seat must have integrated spoke protection at the footrests.

● The footrests must have straps that cannot be unfastened by children.

● The bicycle child seat must be equipped with a 3- or 5-point harness that children cannot unfasten.

● There should be no sharp edges or small corners and holes in the bicycle child seat that could injure children or allow their fingers to pass through.

● Bicycle child seats mounted on the luggage carrier must be able to be securely fastened to the bicycle with an additional restraint.

● Bicycle child seats must have a backrest and armrests that are high enough to provide adequate protection in case of accidents.

Safety of Qibbel bicycle child seats

The safety of Qibbel's bicycle child seats is guaranteed by the European Safety Standard EN14344:2022. The standard was tightened in mid-2022, and Qibbel's bicycle child seats have been updated to meet the latest requirements. For instance, we have added a small armrest for extra side protection, and we have improved the belt strap to prevent the parts around the shoulder height adjusters from twisting easily. For the 6+ Junior seat, we have added a safety belt, ensuring the seat always has double attachment to the bicycle.

You can find Qibbel's bicycle child seats at the bike shop near you.