The Most Dutch Bicycle Seat

Cycling is a true Dutch tradition. In 2021, we covered an average of 979 kilometers per person on bicycles in the Netherlands. With so many cycling kilometers, we as Dutch people naturally know exactly what a bike and bike accessories should meet. So where better to manufacture your bike seats than right here in our own little cycling country? Exactly.

Production in the Netherlands

Qibbel is a part of Widek B.V., a genuine family business that has been active in the bicycle industry since 1936. Widek began as a metalware factory and has since grown into an international player in the field of bicycle industry components.

All Qibbel bike seats and their corresponding accessories are manufactured in our factory in Krimpen aan den IJssel. Our factory space of approximately 7,100 m2 is equipped with the most modern production machines. By keeping the production of our seats in-house, we can optimally monitor the quality of the products and the reliability of the production process. We constantly strive for product improvements and settle for nothing less than 'excellent'. Only top-quality bike seats leave our factory; we make no exceptions.

The Advantages of Local Production

In addition to quality and reliability, local production offers even more benefits. Despite the high quality of our products, accidents can happen that result in a broken component. Often, it's unnecessary to replace the entire bike seat. Since we have full control over production, obtaining spare parts is easy. This means you don't need to immediately buy a new seat, which is better for the environment and your wallet.

Another environmental advantage of Qibbel bike seat's local production is the low ecological footprint we leave behind. Parts don't need to travel halfway around the world by air or sea before reaching the store shelves. Our products are in stores within a few hours' drive, from North Groningen to South Limburg. This results in significantly less CO2 emissions between the moment of production and when you attach your bike seat to your bicycle. If you want to contribute positively as well, you could opt to cycle to the bike shop to purchase the seat.

Producing where your products are sold also brings greater flexibility. We can quickly adapt to trends, and our delivery times are short. As a result, you will always find the newest and trendiest Qibbel bike seats and accessories on the shelves of the bike shop near you.