The benefits of our mesh backrest

All Qibbel child seats for children up to 6 years are equipped with a mesh backrest. You may well know mesh as a material used in office chairs or in saddles for recumbent bikes. It is a 3D-woven plastic material with small holes. Mesh has a number of properties that make it ideal for the backrests of our child seats.

The benefits of mesh

It's no fluke that mesh is so frequently used for the backrests of office chairs or saddles on recumbent bikes. The properties that make mesh so ideal for these applications is also the reason that Qibbel uses it as a backrest for our child seats: it's strong, it's breathable and it's comfortable. It is also lightweight, allowing us to minimise the weight of our seats.


The many small holes in mesh makes it a very breathable material. This allows a sufficient amount of air to reach your child's back to prevent excessive sweating, even on long bike rides on a warm summer's day. Although the material is black, it won't heat up when the sun shines strongly on it. As a result, your child will be comfortable in their seat on even the hottest summer's day. Did you get caught in a rainstorm? Don't worry, mesh dries quickly so your child won't be sitting in a wet seat all day.


Mesh backrests are comfortable as they are lightly flexible and move together with your child's movements. As a result, it feels soft and no pressure points build up. This means that as well as being safe and secure, your child can also enjoy optimal comfort on long bike rides.