Safety on the Bike

Cycling with kids is wonderful, but it's essential to ensure that your children are safely seated on the bike, whether in front or behind. Especially when children ride on the back of the bike, accidents still happen too often. According to a 2019 study by VeiligheidNL, an average of nine children per day end up in the emergency room because their foot got caught in the bike spokes.

Tips for a Safe Cycling Adventure

To enjoy safe bike adventures with your child, we've gathered some tips for you.

It Starts with the Right Bike Seat

Safety on the bike begins with choosing the right bike seat. Select a bike seat that meets European safety standards. Ensure that the seat is correctly installed and that your bike can handle the weight of both the seat and the child. Always place your child in a seat suitable for their age. Make sure the seat is properly mounted. If you have any doubts, seek advice from a bicycle shop near you.

All Qibbel front and rear seats comply with European safety standards.

Ensure Your Child Sits Properly

Even if you have a secure child bike seat, it's of no use if you don't use the seatbelt and foot straps. Therefore, always be meticulous in fastening the seatbelt and foot straps, even if you're only cycling a short distance. A small bump can cause a foot to slip out of the footrest, with serious consequences.

To Wear a Helmet or Not?

In the Netherlands, it's not mandatory to wear a helmet while cycling. However, we increasingly see children wearing helmets while riding with their parents. A helmet provides protection against head injuries for your child in case of an unexpected fall. Ensure that the helmet fits properly and provides adequate ventilation.

Preventing Feet in the Spokes

The Qibbel Air rear seat comes with sturdy spoke protectors and straps on the footrests. Always ensure that the foot straps are securely fastened when your child is in the bike seat. The footrests can be easily adjusted to the right height so that your child remains comfortable as they grow.

If you have a bike seat without spoke protectors, make sure to install sturdy spoke protectors separately. A simple jacket guard is not sufficient, as a child's foot can easily slip through it. Bike bags with a sturdy interior can also serve as spoke protectors.

Safety on the Bike with Qibbel

With Qibbel child seats, your child will be safe and comfortable on the bike, allowing you to enjoy your cycling adventures worry-free. Want to be certain that you're cycling safely with your child? Then try the "Safety on the Bike" check from