Qibbel introduces cappuccino for kids

It's a hot summer's day, the sun is shining and you're out with the whole family on a bike ride. You cycle through the woods, the meadows, the villages and the countryside. Halfway through the day, you cycle past a café with a nice terrace and decide to take a break. What could be nicer than a big cup of cappuccino with a deliciously thick layer of foam on top? Nothing, right? At Qibbel, we firmly agree.

The development of our cappuccino

During exactly this type of cappuccino break, we at Qibbel wondered whether we could develop a cappuccino that is suitable for kids. This way, your child can enjoy the full cappuccino experience instead of just eating the biscuit that came with your cappuccino. Our developers enthusiastically started brainstorming about a cappuccino for kids and in no time, the prototype for the Qibbel Cappuccino was created.

We proudly present the Qibbel Cappuccino!

The Qibbel Cappuccino is our tried and trusted child seat, and as you've already guessed, it's a beautiful cappuccino colour. After all, cappuccino is not just delicious to drink, it's also a beautiful colour that's very much in vogue right now. The colour is soft, warm, trendy and can be effortlessly combined with countless other colours. Whether your bike is black, blue or brown, the Qibbel Cappuccino will stylishly match it.

Safe and comfortable

Like all Qibbel seats, the cappuccino seat is extremely light and comfortable. The back support is spun with mesh, a hard-wearing and ventilated material. The seat complies with all safety requirements, so you can sit your child at the front or back of your bike without any worries whatsoever. Safety is absolutely paramount to Qibbel. The five-point seat belt means your child will be as safe as houses. Both the belt height and the footrests with spoke guards are adjustable, so your seat will grow together with your child without any problems.

The front seat, the rear seat and the junior seat are all available in the new cappuccino colour.