How to attach the Qibbel Air rear seat

The Qibbel Air rear seat can be attached to the back of your bike in no time. Even if you're all thumbs, you'll be able to attach our rear seat. Do you have any doubts about fitting the seat? If so, find a bike shop near you and they'll attach the rear seat for you.

Will the Qibbel rear seat fit on my luggage carrier?

Do you have a luggage carrier on your bike and would you like to attach your rear seat to it? If so, check that your luggage carrier is strong enough to bear the seat. Your luggage carrier must be able to bear at least 27 kg in order to safely transport your child. The luggage carrier must be 11-17cm wide and the bars on the side of the luggage carrier must be 10 - 22mm thick (round or oval).

Are you sure your luggage carrier meets all the requirements? If so, you can start attaching the seat.

Attaching the rear seat to the luggage carrier

The rear seat is attached to the luggage carrier using the clamping mechanism. Turn the knob on the mechanism to open or close the clamp. Open the clamp, place the seat on the luggage carrier and tightly close the clamping mechanism. Check that the clamps are securely fastened to the luggage carrier.

Are the bars of the luggage carrier between 10 and 14mm thick? If so, use the special insert that is provided with the seat as standard. Remove the anti-slip strip from the clamp before placing the insert into the clamp. Once you have done this, put the insert into the clamp and put the anti-slip strip back. Don't forget to put back the anti-slip strip! These strips ensure that the rear seat is securely fastened to the luggage carrier.

Check that the rear seat is securely fastened

Has the rear seat been correctly installed? If so, it's time to check that it is securely fastened. Check that the seat is in the right position. On the side of the rear seat, you will find a marker indicating the seat's centre of gravity. The distance between the rear axle of the bicycle and the centre of gravity marker must not be more than 10cm. You should then put your child on the seat to check you've not installed it too close to the saddle. After all, as well as being safe and secure, it is also important that your child is comfortable in the seat. Is the seat in the right position? If so, turn the knob to attach the clamping mechanism as tightly as possible. Don't forget to click the seat belt securely into place on the frame.

Attaching the rear seat to the frame

Does your bike not have a luggage carrier? In such cases, the Qibbel Air rear seat can be attached to the frame using the special frame attachment. This attachment is compatible with round and oval saddle tubes with a diameter between 28 and 40mm. The frame attachment is included with the Qibbel Air seat as standard and is also available separately. Would it be useful to easily switch the Qibbel Air rear seat from Mum's bike to Grandpa's bike? If so, get an extra frame attachment. It's so easy to use that you'll be on the road in no time!

The frame attachment consists of two parts: the attachment and the support bracket. We'll start with the attachment, which needs to be placed around the saddle tube. Fasten the nuts by hand and then place the support bracket into the attachment. Attach the Bracket into the attachment on the bike using the two bolts. The support bracket must be placed horizontally above the rear wheel and the distance between the rear wheel and the support bracket must be at least 10cm. You can adjust the height of the support bracket by sliding the attachment up or down the saddle tube. The movable inner ring allows you to change the position of the attachment and adjust the support bracket into a horizontal position. Is everything in the right position? If so, fasten the bolts tightly with an open-end wrench. Tighten the bolts evenly and in a diagonal pattern. Now place the seat on the support bracket as described in the section on attaching the seat to a luggage carrier.

Ready to roll

With the Qibbel Air rear seat firmly attached to your bike, you are ready to enjoy a whole world of bike adventures! Do you need some extra help installing the rear seat? If so, you can find a step-by-step explanation with diagrams in the assembly instructions. The video below this text also shows you how to safely attach and use the rear seat. Do you still have questions? If so, find a bike shop near you and pay them a visit.